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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bereavement as An Only-Child

Hello fellow students and all other visitors to Regent University. I'd like to get the ball rolling by asking are you an only child and are presently greiving over a parent who has passed on? Do you know someone that is an only child in their family and are trying to help them through a very difficult greif process since they have one else to call on? As an only-child are you about to experience such a loss and have no one to share your burden with? It is difficult enough loosing a loved one to our greatest enemy next to satan, but for the silent suffering numbers of those who are Only-Children, it can be even the more devistating and cut deeper into them than anyone else. This discussion is designed as a way of reaching out and letting the world around you know whats going on in your life and in you soul. The body of Christ is also a community and there is no good reason why any member of the body should be suffering in silence while the rest rejoice. So Only Children, reach out and know that you are not alone in your darkest hours. Most of the attention tends to go to post-bereavement, but I would like to focus on the idea of wholistic (not wholistic as in new age)-Bereavement counseling that encompasses both the pre, mid and the post therapy of bereavement for those of us that are the only children of our parents. While in no way is this blog belittling the greif and bereavement of every one else, its main focus is to provide and open expression to Only-Children suffering in silence and let more light into the worlds of one of the most neglected groups of people. It was in the summer of 2008 that my dear mother finally was called home to be with God after seven months of surviving her injuries from a careless distracted driver as she crossed the streets one evening the week of Christmass December 24th. I'll never forget that horrible and bloody night of tears. Seven months I suffered watching her go in and out, not sure if she'd make it through nights or days. I remember how much I envied the sons and daughters of patients visiting them. The rooms filled with dozens of sisters and brothers and siged, wishing that I had the support they all did for each other during their grief and fears. My only solice? Came from visiting other patients as I went to see mother, praying and reading the bible to people I didn't know, offering them comfort in the face of my own very possible loss and the following tears that would flow for months. Was I being untrusting to God, wishing I had their kind of sibling number? The saying 'theres strength in number' never stood out to me like it did then. What could the hospitals had done to make it easier besides tell me she wasn't going to make it, or just cut off the machine or... 'she can't stay much longer since she's dragging on? What?
   While the questions and challenges are open to all, I would like to particularly invite other psychology and sociology, religeous majors to comment. Where does your major studies help in such a situation? What I'm hoping is that in the process, those suffering in this unique way can find comfort from your comments and those trying to help will find valuable tools to help others. Thanks all. God bless...


  1. Have you heard anything about the following colleges that have an online Psychology degree program?
    Capella University
    Walden University
    University of the Rockies
    Kaplan University

    - Emo

    Psychology Degree Major

  2. Emo... great advise, but what about the issue at hand? I'm already I psych major why would I be interested in this info your giving? This is not a marketing site for other universities.

  3. Hi my name is Ashley and I am a student blogger for Eastern University. I am also a Psych major and thought I would respond. I love your post because it can be used as a way to get many different forms of advice from the most unlikely of people. Anyone can find blogs and comment on them so it makes for an interesting variety. I am going to really think hard about your post and come up with some form of response that I pray will help others! In the mean time my blog is
    I loved reading your post, keep up the good work and God Bless!